Local 113-Milwaukee Building Trades United Pension Trust Fund Remittance

Electronic Contribution Remittance Letter to Employers

BTUPTF Instructions for Reports and Payment

EmployerXG Enrollment Form

Remittance Fillable Form - Excel


Remittance Addresses:

Local 113 Building Agreements 

62-County Building Agreement

Heavy & Highway Agreement

Statewide Sewer/Tunnel/Water Agreements

Landscape Agreement

Cable Agreement

Asbestos Agreement

Pipeline Agreement

DCA Agreement


Tips for remitting fringe benefits to the Wisconsin Laborers Fringe Benefit Funds:


Fringe benefits for the month are due by the 15th of the following month. A penalty is automatically assessed on all past-due fringe benefits.  


To ensure your employees are credited correctly for their hours worked, please make sure you are always providing full names and Social Security numbers.


On the Wisconsin Laborers’ Fringe Benefits Funds Monthly Remittance Report, there is a box at the top marked “Work Location”. We request that you fill in your project location(s), either by city or county, so we can properly allocate working dues funds. If you also send in copies of your own payroll records with the Monthly Remittance Report, please save paper by only sending one copy. Duplicate copies are not needed.


Please also avoid sending redundant reports – it is unnecessary to send the same information in multiple different formats. If you do not have any hours to report in a month, it is important to send back your report marked “no employees”. This will prevent your company from appearing delinquent.


When submitting fringe benefits for the Milwaukee area (LIUNALocal 113), please avoid combining the vacation and working dues funds. While they had been combined in the past, we now treat them as separate funds and would appreciate them being reported as such.


Online reporting of hours is available – please contact the Fund Office for more information at (800) 397-3373. Copies of all Wisconsin Laborers’ collective bargaining agreements and wage rates are available online. 


If you have additional questions, feel free to call the Wisconsin Laborers’ District Council at (608) 846.8242.